Autocares Torres, service rules

Transport service rules

  • Prohibido fumar Prohibido comer y beber

    Smoking, eating or ddrinking on the bus is not allowed.

  • Es necesario llevar camisa en el interior del autobús

    It's necessary to wear a T-Shirt on the bus.

  • Animales en jaulas

    Pets are allowed on the bus as long as thet in the basket, except for guide dogs with muzzle.

  • Menores 4 años

    Children over 4 years old have to pay.

  • Cochecitos plegados Cochecitos

    Pushchairs should be folded up before boarding the bus.

  • Pedir parada con antelación

    Please off the bus by the back door.

  • No distraer al conductor

    Don't disturb the bus driver. Further information ask at the kiosk in Ciutadella.

  • Pedir parada con antelación

    Please ring the bell before your stop.

  • Cerca puertas

    Standing nearly the doors during the journey is dangerous.

  • Autobús lleno

    If the bus is full, another one will come as soon as possible.