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Can I get my ticket in advanced? And where?

It is not possible to get the ticket in advanced. However, you can buy it when getting on the bus, and also in our kiosk, at  “es Pins” square in town (Ciutadella).

Can I get a single and return ticket?


Can I pay by card?

No. On board you can only pay in cash, but the kiosks in Ciutadella accept credit cards starting at € 10.

Is it compulsory to pay the exact price?

Bus drivers are not obliged to take tickets above 20€.

What about a bus pass?

We have a few: a multiple-journey ticket (weekly, individual and unlimited) for the routes 61,62,63,64,65, 66, 67 and 68. We also have cards T10,T40,T21 and discount cards are available for the elder as long as you have been provided with a special card by the Consell Insular de Menorca.

Do children pay?

Yes they do, from 4 years old.

Are suitcases or luggage permitted on the bus?

Yes, in the luggage compartment. Exceptionally, luggage under 100x60x25m. will be allowed in the passenger area.

Are pushchairs or strollers allowed on the bus?

We recommend to fold away the strollers and put them in the luggage compartment.
Only when the luggage compartment is full, strollers will be allowed in the passenger area. For safety’s sake, newborn in strollers are prohibited.

Are there any left-luggage?


Are bikes allowed?

Bikes must be folded and packaged to avoid damaging other baggage.

Are dogs allowed?

No, only guide dogs or pets in a cage

Are the busses adapted for disabled?

Every bus fulfil with safety requirements and all of them are adapted to carry a wheelchair.

How to check the timetable?

Where is the main bus stop in Ciutadella? And in Mahon?

In Ciutadella it is located in  square Plaça Pins, next to the old quarter of the city. In Mahon, you will find it in ‘Explanada’ square. Check on the website map public bus routes   to see the exact location.
To know more about different bus stops among cities, you can consult on the website: public bus routes.

Is there any service from the airport to resorts? And from the airport to any minorcan town?

Yes, either of the two. You can consult our werbsite, map of public routes and other  public bus routes

Consult the shuttle bus for direct trips.

Can I link with another regular buses? For instance: Mahon,...

Consult on our website: public bus routes map of public routes

Is there a service bus to the virgin beaches of ciutadella?

We drive you till CALA TURQUETA and SON SAURA  (south of Ciutadella) and LA VALL (north of Ciutadella). Check timetables on our website: public bus routes

How can I get back missing objects into the bus?

Using our website costumer support. Also calling to 902 075 066 or at Plaça Pins  square, in Ciutadella.

How can I make a complaint, or a suggestion or ask for some information?

Complaints and suggestions can be sent on the website: costumer support.
To ask for some information, contact  us by e-mail costumer support  or by making a phone call to the number above: 902 075 066. Your opinion is truly important to us and we would be really grateful if you fill in the questionare.