Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions that are received in our customer services, as well as the answers. We hope in this way to be able to resolve a large number of doubts. If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, do not hesitate to contact us through this contact form. We will try to provide you an answer within a maximum period of two days. If your query cannot wait, call us at 902 075 066.


schedules and stops

Where can I check the schedules?

All current schedules are on our website and at all bus stops.

How can I know the schedule that will be later?

As soon as we have exact information on when we will make a schedule change, we make it public through our website and social networks. We publish the schedules at least one week in advance, stay tuned for news.

Where are the main stops in Ciutadella and Mahón?

In Ciutadella there are two main stops: Plaza Pinos and Vía Perimetral, click on each stop to see the exact location.

In Mahón the main stop is the bus station, next to “Sa esplanada”.

What is “Via Perimetral”?

Vía Perimetral is an avenue in Ciutadella (Av. Josep Mascaró Pasarius) through which all the lines with origin/destination Ciutadella pass. It is the best stop for transfers.

I'm going by private car, where can I park?

In the vicinity of Vía Perimetral there is free parking, even so we recommend going well in advance. Check the map of car parks near Vía Perimetral

In Plaza Pinos parking is limited and paid.

How long does it take from where the bus leaves you to the beach (Cala Turqueta, Son Saura, La Vall, Macarella)? Approximate walking time. SEE MAP

None of the paths is adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Purchase and reservation of tickets

Can I buy the ticket in advance?

We recommend buying tickets in advance on the unspoilt beach lines (L62 Cala Morell – La Vall; L66 Son Saura; L68 Cala Turqueta; L69 Macarella) to ensure availability. You can do it HERE, or at our points of sale in Plaza Pinos or Vía Perimetral.

Is it mandatory to make a reservation in advance to go to the unspoilt beaches?

It is not mandatory, although it is highly recommended. Due to the characteristics of the road, the vehicles have to be small, so the available seats are limited.

Do I also have to make a reservation to go to the urbanized beaches (Cala Bosch – Son Xoriguer, Cala Blanca – Santandira, Sa Caleta, Cala Blanes – Cala Forcat)?

No, to go to these destinations the ticket is purchased at the same time.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

From the same purchase website or HERE and with the locator you can make any modification (date, time, number of passengers) or cancellation up to one hour before the departure of the bus.

Why do I have to book the tickets with the exact round trip time?

Due to the characteristics of the road, the vehicles have to be small, so the available seats are limited. To guarantee availability, it is necessary to book with a round trip time.

What happens if I want to return earlier or delay the return?

You can make the modification of the reservation up to one hour before the departure of the bus. In the busiest weeks (July-August) it is difficult to make changes, so please respect the reserved time.

I haven't made any prior reservation, can I buy the ticket when I get on the bus?

If you do not have a prior reservation, you can get on the bus as long as there are seats available.

Is it necessary to print the reservation confirmation?

It is not necessary, the driver will only ask for the name with which the reservation has been made.

How do I know if my web reservation has been made correctly?

Once the payment process is finished you will receive an email with the confirmation, if you do not receive it you can contact us through the inquiry form specifying the name, the day and the time the reservation was made. You can also consult it at our points of sale in Plaza Pinos or Vía Perimetral.

Can I pay by card?

You can only pay by card at our points of sale in Plaza Pinos and Vía Perimetral or through the reservation website. The buses are not equipped with the necessary technology.

Can I buy the way to one beach and the return from another?

Yes, to buy the one way you must mark at which stop in Ciutadella you will take the bus and which beach you want to go to, in the "Direction" option choose only one way.

To buy the return, do the same, choose the Ciutadella stop you want to go to and from which beach, in the "Address" option, choose only return.

Do I have to pay the exact amount?

We appreciate, whenever possible, paying with the exact amount to expedite boarding. Drivers are not required to accept bills over €20.

From what age do children pay?

From the age of 4 they occupy a place and must have a ticket.

Are there bus passes?

Yes, the transport cards are issued by the Consell Insular de Menorca. For more information consult their website.


On the bus

Are the buses adapted for people with reduced mobility?

All of our buses are wheelchair accessible and all of them meet the standards for people with mobility difficulties.

Can you travel with dogs inside the buses?

You cannot travel with animals, except guide dogs for the blind and domestic dogs that are carried in transport bags or suitable receptacles.



Can suitcases or large objects be carried on the buses?

Yes, although you must put it in the boot and only if it is full can you get on the bus, but taking into account that they do not exceed a certain size (100x60x25) and do not bother or hinder the way of other passengers.

Can baby strollers be brought on the bus?

We recommend that the stroller be folded and in the boot, but as in the previous point, if the boot is full you can get on the bus, trying not to disturb the rest of the passengers. For safety reasons it is forbidden for babies to travel in the stroller inside the bus.

Can bicycles be transported on the buses?

The bicycles must be folded and packed or in a transport bag, to avoid damaging the luggage of other users. This facility is limited to the capacity of the boot.

Is there a supplement to carry luggage?

No, in no case.

Are there lockers to store luggage?

In Ciutadella there are no lockers. There are lockers in Mahón, check their website here.


Customer Support

How do I get a lost property back?

You can contact us through the contact form on our website or by calling us 902 075 066.

To make it easier we recommend to detail the item, the date and time it was lost and the approximate area inside the bus.

How can I make a complain or claim?

You can make your complaint or suggestion on our website in the complaints and suggestions section. Your opinion is very important to us and we will be very grateful if you fill out our satisfaction questionnaire.


How can I go…

… from Ciutadella to Mahón or other towns from the island?

You will fins all the information on the Transportes Menorca (TMSA) website.

Airport ↔ Ciutadella or other areas.

The route Airport ↔ Ciutadella or other areas (Cala Bosch, Son Xoriguer, Cala Blanca, Santandira, Sa Caleta, Cala Blanes, Delfines, Cala Forcat) can be done in two ways:

     1. Regular lines (1 or 2 links depending on your destionation)

          L. 10 Airport ↔ Mahón

               L. 01 Mahón ↔ Ciutadella

                    L. 61 Ciutadella ↔ Cala Blanes – Delfines – Cala Forcat

                    L. 64 Ciutadella ↔ Caleta – Cala Blanca – Santandria

                    L. 65 Ciutadella ↔ Caleta – Cala Bosch – Son Xoriguer

     2. Shuttle bus (shared transfer)

Book 48 hours in advance a shared transfer from the airport to your accommodation (or the nearest stop) and vice versa.

Approximate price 15€ per person. For reservations and more information consult the SHUTTLE SPAIN MENORCA website. Autocares Torres is not responsible for the reservation service.

to Cala Galdana / Sant Tomas / Son Bou or other areas from the island?

You will fins all the information on the Transportes Menorca (TMSA) and Autos Fornells website.